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On behalf of the Face2Face Ministries Trustees and the Widows & Orphans within the Magodesi Luv project, we'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to all those that have lovingly stood with us to make such a difference to the daily lives of the rural commities that we assist. Without your support, on a once-off or ongoing basis, the humaitarian and Chritian discipleship programmes we deliver wouln't would be possible. Are main support to date has come from friends, family and colleagues in the UK and God inspired love gifts from Christian brothers and sisters in the USA.



On behalf of Face2Face Ministires - Thank you!

1. Direct Donation  Via:




You can easily support Face2Face Ministries through the Caf Donate Online web sites, simply press the link button below or at the top of this page and fill in your details. Making a one-off or regular payment through Gift-aid, via Paypal, Direct Debit, or by entering your Debit / Credit card details.


Just click on the Caf Donate  logo or visiting our Main Vision page...

There are 3 Main ways you can support us through either of the following logo's below:

Caf Donate

2. When you buy things on-line through -




Did you know that when ever you purchase pretty much anything through the main online retailers, if you make the purchase through

a small donation is made by the retailer from their profit to your chosen charity.


Why not set Face2Face Ministries up as your chosen charity and start seemless donations at no additional cost!


3. Supporting Face2Face through one of our Fundraising events


Click on the image below to see some past events