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The benefits of Sponsoring a child through Face2Face Ministries.

At Face2Face Ministries, we aim to look after a child holistically. Whilst we look for sponsors to stand with us for the educational aspects of a childs development. The Child Sponsorship programme allows Face2Face Ministries to provide wider SafeGuarding and Child welfare development opportunities.


Through the adopt a Widow programme within the wider Mogadesi Luv Project, Orphaned children are placed within small loving homes in the heart of the community. Allowing the children to live alongside

3-4 other orphans, rather than in a much larger orphanage, mles form their home.


The combination of personal attention and community based eduscation allows each child to foster a strong sence of self identity and self worth, as they in turn can assist within the community or farm care programmes within the Moigadesi Luv Project.


Below are some of the wider benifits of standing with Face2Face Mnistries and really making a difference.

Education Child Protection Clean Safe Water Care for HIV & AIDS Food Security Healthcare

Your sponsorship can help families to protect their children from sexual and/or commercial exploitation, armed conflict and child trafficking.

Child Protection

Food Security

Nutritious food is a vital building block for children’s growth and development to survive and grow.

Care for HIV & AIDS

Through your sponsorship Face2Face Ministries is providing support to  children affected by HIV and AIDS through counselling and access to testing.


Education provides children opportunities to escape poverty, gain a voice in the community, and experience a better quality of life.


Every year 6.9 million children die before their fifth birthday. Your sponsorship can help children gain access to essential healthcare treatment.

Clean safe Water

Dirty water is one of the biggest killers of children under fives. Together we can help communities gain access to clean, safe water and good sanitation.


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“Thank you for your continue support. It is only through your generosity that we are able to go to school. You can now help by donating as little as £10 a month or £2.25 per week.”


Please email face2faceministries@live.co.uk for more sponsorship profiles

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