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I have known Jonathon for a number of years now as a client, friend and someone I wholeheartedly trust when it comes to sorting asset systems and compliance assurance processes…


Jonathon has a natural talent for designing processes and system that manage assets and compliance from the policy down to the asset. He uses his operational experience and natural organisational skills to develop systems that manage compliance and assets information (maintenance, lifecycle etc) along the best practice lines (BIM level 2 etc).  

Rob McNamara

He’s easy to get on with and a great communicator and passionate about systems and processes.  No matter how good the people managing an estate; if they have to manage within a poorly thought through system and process they will struggle to get the result intended and compliance and targeted investment will often suffer as a result.


Jonathon also coined my favourite at-work quote which was to provide a central CAFM reporting approach that aims to provide ‘one version of the Truth’ how many organisations have that (It’s is time we diched the spreadsheets once and for all)!  People with skills like Jonathon don’t grow on trees, he’s fairly unique and able to work on larger and more complex estates matters and I wish him well with his Charitable Consultancy.


Robert McNamara MIWFM – Director and co-founder of Capitec Ltd

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