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In October 2018 a small team from the UK travelled to the Magodesi Luv Project, in order to minister and evangelise throughout rural bush communities.


As part of the ministry visit, the team carried out the following activities:

Community Resource Centre Development

Setting up the new St John's Primary School

 Widows Support

Namagera Church Support

Face2Face Ministries has set upa free Nursery & Primary school for local Orphans and children from the Lwanjinsi community. Starting with 40 children in Februaury 2018 by October 2018 there are now 102 children in four classes. One Nursery class, one junior primary class and two senior primary classes. There are now four full time teachers, two supported by Face2ace and two voluntary teachers (who we'd like to support). Did you know a teacher in Uganda only earns £40 a month..

Face2Face Ministries have the joy and priviledge of supplying fleece blankets, new LifeWater purification systems and high efficiency cooking stoves to the widows within the project.

Part of our support from 2019 onwards wil bel the development of the Widows church at Namagera on the shores of Lake Victoria, approximately 10klm outside of Jinja. There are around 90 widows and orphans at the church, with some widows with Leprosy.

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Water Baptisms

We had the privilege of baptising 24 Christians who had already made a decision to follow Christ.


So, 24 water baptisms in total! As the pictures show, its more mud than water, but everyone who went under the water to signify and identify their bodily death with Christ’s, arose up out from the water into a new life with Christ. Praise God!


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