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Pastor John Obelle

Age:  51                      

Status:  Married to Rose Obelle

Children:  11 Children  (Rabecca Deceased), Joesph, Lake, Manuel, Muwa, Sarah, Suzan, Feibe,(Wandera, Deceased) Samuel & Jonathan.    

Calling: Pastor  

Pastor John, is the Face2Face Project Manager for the Mogadesi Luv Project in Uganda, serving as a full time Pastor within the Mogadesi community for the last 5 years and has pastored two churches in Jinja for 15 years.

We first met John & Rose in August 2011, with God joining our hearts together to deliver the Mogadesi Luv Project in October 2013. John & Rose are gifted pastors and lead a vibrant rural community church called the Lwanjinsi Church, which is at the heart of the Mogadesi Luv Project.

John has a real heart for people and is at the centre of community life throughout Mogadesi community, whether or not its ministering, evangelising or providing vital food, accommodation or medical care to anyone in need.


Please pray about supporting Pastor John and his family. If we can collectively provide £50 a month as a salary, John as Pastor and his family will be safe guarded from the poverty and be able to provide ongoing support to others. Please donate generously

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