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In October 2017 a small team from the UK travelled to the Magodesi Luv Project, in order to minister and evangelise throughout rural bush communities.


As part of the ministry visit, the team carried out the following activities:

  • Hut to Hut Evangelism

  • Water Baptisms

  • Prision Visit

  • Church Ministry at Lwanjinsi & Namagera rural Church fellowships

  • Ministered at the Mbale University Christian Fellowship

  • Radio Ministry

Hut to Hut Evangelism

Malukhu Prison Visit

Church Ministry

Mbale University

Community Resource Centre (CRC) works

Unfortunately, we weren't able to take any photos of the actual ministry due to security restrictions. But a ministry time was held with over 250 Spirit-filled Chirstian prisioners, where at least 1 salvation took place... With your help, we donated Soaps, Tooth Pastes and Tooth Brushes for all 250 prisioners

Hut to Hut evangelism and rural Bible distribution took place in both Magodesi and Namengera. Thanks to World Missionary Press, Inc, over 1000 Evangelistic tracts handed out in person in 4 diffferent local dialects. We also managed to distribute over 200 New Testament Bibles.


There were 40 new salvation decisions  made during the three days of bush outreach outreach. Praise God

Face2Face Ministries supports a small church of widows and orphans in Namengera, which is on the shores of Lake Victoria. We had the joy of ministering alongside 4 visiting worship leaders.

Our main minisry time was spent at the Lwanjinsi church, at the heart of the Magodesi Luv Project, where we had the opportunity to teach the church and their leadership team. It was an honour to break bread with them and pray for healing.

The Missions team were invited to minister to the local Mbale University Youth group.  150 youth gathered to recieve teaching and ministry. It was an awesome time with God, seeing impartation of the Holy Spirit and deliverances taking place.


We preached 2 Corinthians 10:5: Taking every thought Captive. Guarding your mind and heart through everything that you WATCH, HEAR and SAY.

As part of the ongoing support for the Magodesi Luv Project, we're continuing to slowly complete the CRC building. This visit we managed to fund the installation of the last remaining four windows and are awaiting the installation of the two main security doors. Once these works are completed, we have the funding in place, kindly provided by sponsors in the UK & USA to render the external of the building, making it water tight.


The Final stage then will be to add "Grey" water recycling and internally render the walls of the building.

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Downtime Activities

In the couple of down days we had in the ten day programme we managed to combine an off-road 4x4 driving experience to a remote village in the Bafuma Mountain range to share the Gospel and see God move in Salvation. We also arranged a half day of Quad biking along the river Nile and a boat trip to the source of the Nile.


We were also able to present gift, of a new Suit and Bible, to assistant Pastor Moses.


Finally the projects widows were supplied with their monthly Suger, Soap and Salt supplies along with new winter blankets thanks to kind sponsors in the UK & USA.

Water Baptisms

We had the privilege of baptising 20 Christians who had already made a decision to follow Christ. There were also four salvations during the short baptismal service.


So, 24 water baptisms in total! As the pictures show, its more mud than water, but everyone who went under the water to signify and identify their bodily death with Christ’s, arose up out from the water into a new life with Christ. Praise God!


We were supported by the Chairman of the Sub-County and the Lwanjinsi church continues to grow and thrive at the centre of the Magodesi Luv Project.

Radio Show Talk

FAITH RADIO is a Christian radio station broadcasting at 90.5FM in Mbale Town and covering over 20 districts in Uganda reaching a population of over 7 million people.


Face2Face Ministries were asked to discus the roles of a husband and wife within marriage and debate the rise of feminism in todays society

Solar Lighting Project

Thanks to Peter Brazier and the support of colleagues at the University of Birmingham Estates Office, we were able to install a Solar Lighting system to the Community Resource Centre. Whilst Peter planned the installation meticulously, we weren't quite ready for the creative workarounds to Health & Safety regulations but the job was completed well and the widows now have an awesome flexible renewable lighting system.