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Face2Face Ministries, working with our partners Saints Perfection Ministries have church planted a congregation called the Lwanjinsi Church in the  heart of the Mogadesi Luv Project.  Which is situated between two principle strongholds of established witchcraft and Islam. With the Muslim domination of the religious culture surrounding our rural farming community.



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Through a generous donation from the Barnabus Trust Face2Face ministries were able to add a small number of bibles in the local Swahili dialect.Your assistance in supporting rural pastors and their families to preach the Gospel, Minister God's Word and serve their communities is essential along with the provision of local dialect bibles is vital in completing the great commission.

To the right is a small selection of the 300 Bibles sent across to the Mogadesi Luv project, including Children's first  picture bibles, which are ideal for non readers, evangelistic outreach and discipleship.


These were  complimented by  over 300 discipleship  and leadership development training manuals.

Below are a selection of photo's from the Community Farming Project at Mogadesi. "Click" on any of the tabs to see specific images of the various project galleries