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Educational Support

•   Average pupil to teacher ratio (primary school): 52 to 1


  Percentage of children who transition from primary to

   secondary school: 37%


•   Percentage of children who drop out of secondary

   school due to lack of fees: 62%


•   The top reason for children not going to school in

    Uganda is a lack of school fees. It only costs £105 a

    year to send a Ugandan child to school.



So we are building a  the communities first everprimary school!


The building work is underway and we are almost there!

With no existing local educational facilities, the poorest families within Mogadesi simply don’t receive any form of formal education. Those with limited incomes through their farming activities have to send their children away to boarding schools in neighbouring towns and villages, suffering long journeys, separation and the poorest of facilities and living conditions. Child abuse and child mortality is common place.


The provision of a new free community school, initially providing day time primary education, supported by evening secondary and Adult education classes is vital in increasing the opportunities for the rural people of Mogadesi. Improving their available life opportunities, increasing their earning potentials to go on to develop independently sustainable lives.


A key focus will be to support young women (aged 10 – 21) through educational programmes, on the essential areas of Sex education and domestic abuse and the importance of educational development to improve their life choices and outcomes.


The educational programmes will focus upon training to ensure individuals can make better life choices, leading to happier and more fulfilled lives. Addressing essential areas such as Domestic violence, Malaria Awareness, HiV & Aids training. This training would also be provided through the smaller secondary evening education programme.



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There are 200 poor and orphaned children in the Mogadesi community of which only 5 attend primary school. We are so excited to make a difference and see these children get an education.


More than 17 million children in Uganda are younger than 15. Most of them live in poverty. Education is a key to ending poverty!

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