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The Community Resource Centre 

The Magodesi Community Resource Centre is the villages first brick built buiding within project, providing a central hub for the delivery of primary eductaion, Health care services and act as a central  meeting venue for the Lwanjinsi church and wider community.


Construction started in late 2014 with the roof being completed installed in the summer of 2015. Followed by the installation of windows and doors for security in 2016/17.


A key feature of the new building will be the grey water harvesting from the new roof in to dedicated LifeWater purification tanks.


Further financial support is required to complete the project works. If you can assist in any way, please don't hesitate in contacting us or alternatively, you can make a donation directly via the CAF Bank logo at the top of the page.

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Health Care:


The Mogadesi Community Centre will be used to deliver vital front line, life saving treatment clinics. Delivering HIV & Aids treatment programmes, Malaria treatment and training programmes, along with essential emergency first aid provision for the community. Villagers currently walk for over four hours to the nearest medical facility but often recieve no attention as they have no funds to pay for the required treatments. With your assistance, Face2Face Ministries are looking to offer free medical services to  local community residents.





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Once completed, the Community Resource Centre will be used to deliver Primary Education services. Subject to support, initially for 30-40 children aged between 5 - 12 year old. Being either orphans or children of the Community Farming Cooperative workers.



Being a community facility, the Resource Centre requires public access toilets. This aspect is critical in order to comply with Ugandan Public Health requirements. One the few legal requirements that needs to be satisfied, as the centre will at times be hosting community groups of 100+, for Church and community gatherings.


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Lwanjinsi Church:


The Lwanjinsi Church is at the very heart of the Mogadesi Luv Project. Led by Pastors John & Rose Obelle (Click here to go to their testimony page). The Lwansinsi church serves the local rural bush community of approximately 2000. Being a Spirirt Filled pentecostal church, the actively preach the Gospel meassge with love within the stong Muslim and Witchcraft dominated culture they live in.


The church distributes bibles and welfare asistance to all in the community and directly supports up to 30 Widows and Orphans through the assistance given by Face2Face Ministries.


The church regularly baptises new belivers in the local river and have many testimenoies of God's healing miracles and the infilling of His Holy Spirit.




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