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Community Farming 

The Mogasei Community Farm, is set up as a community cooperative scheme. With land being either donated through lease arrangement directly from Widows who couldn't other wise manage their land, directly leased from local land owners or purchased outright by the Mogadesi Luv Project.


We currently have approximately 4 Acres of arable land, which is worked by the local community to raise crops such as Casava, Ground Nuts, Sweet & Irish potatoes, along with spring onions.




The crops when harvested are shared between the widows and orphans within the community and the community farm workers, with suficient seeds retained to ensure that next years planting can continue. The farm is constantly looking for support to ensure that they have funds to hire bulls for ploughing, buying/replacing vital tools and transportation of surplus  harvest for sale at the local markets.


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An additional and vital area of desperate need is for a local fresh, clean water supply. Not only to ensure that the community has direct and local access to clean drinking water, but that the farm can set up irrigatation schemes to ensure that in times of drought, harvets crops can still be cultivated. Further details can be found via the Water Well link.


The farm does have some limited livestock, that has been generously provided through sponsors, 10 chickens, two pigs and six piglets, four goats and a mother and calf Cow. The Farm would benefit from additional livestock, even their own bulls for ploughing.

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